UltiSep (Gas/Liquid)

UltiSep technology was developed to address the performance deficiencies of conventional gas/liquid separation equipment. It has been clearly demonstrated that the ultra-fine solid and liquid aerosols in gas phase flows pass through conventional equipment, causing the majority of the downstream process, productivity and equipment issues.

Liquid and solid contaminants enter the gas through myriad processes and sources, including rotating equipment, corrosion, chemical addition, formation materials, carried-over liquids from towers, and other means. These contaminants are fine enough to pass through conventional equipment, and are sometimes observed kilometers downstream after having already undergone a number of processing and separation steps.

UltiSep removes these very fine solid and liquid aerosols using proprietary media and element construction that allows for the use of smaller vessels, thereby reducing capital costs while outperforming larger conventional coalescers. Performance validation in the laboratory is supported by the industry’s largest installation base.