Polarex (Extractive Separations)

Our patented Polarex technology extracts soluble components from either liquid or gas process streams. It performs contaminant removal (e.g. caustic, dissolved acids, salts, acid gases or
reaction by-products), as well as recovery of valuable products or solvents (e.g. soluble amines from treated LPG, or LPG from high-BTU natural gas streams), for as little as 20% of the capital associated with a conventional system.

Contaminants typically exist in a soluble form. In some cases, these contaminants may poison downstream process equipment. For example, diesel fired turbines are sensitive to alkali metal contaminants and selective hydrogenation units (SHU) are sensitive to sodium. In other cases, the contaminants represent ongoing operating costs. For example, amine dissolved in a C3/C4 stream needs to be made up with fresh amine.

Polarex has already been successfully installed in several NGL treating applications, displacing conventional amine contactors, with staggering results of 86% of operational time above nameplate capacity while maintaining treating efficiency at a fraction of the capital cost.