Is the life of your hydrotreater catalyst pressure drop limited? Does water in your diesel or jet fuel pose quality challenges? Fluid Clarification has the technologies and experience to deal with these and many other challenges to refinery applications.

We apply highly efficient separations technology to a number of process units within a refinery, including but not limited to:

  • naphtha hydrotreaters
  • catalytic reformers
  • distillate hydrotreaters
  • hydrocrackers
  • coking units
  • alkylation units
  • amine systems
  • final fuels
  • water treatment units

If you are looking for industry-leading separation of solids and liquids from liquid and gas phase flows using disposable, backwash or blowback technologies, Fluid Clarification has the right solution to meet your application objectives. Please contact our Filtration Experts® to discuss the specifics of your application.