Oil Sands/SAGD

Is the life of your diesel hydrotreater catalyst pressure drop limited? Do you want to reduce your boiler feedwater filtration costs? Fluid Clarification has the technologies and experience to deal with these and many other Oil Sands/SAGD applications.

Fluid Clarification offers high-efficiency separations for a number of application areas, including bur not limited to:

  • hydrotreater protection
  • rich and lean amine filtration
  • inlet amine
  • compressor protection
  • solids reduction in boiler feedwater
  • disposal water formation protection
  • sour water hydrocarbon and solids removal

With over 25 years of application experience in Oil Sands/SAGD, Fluid Clarification has right technology to meet your application objectives. Please contact our Filtration Experts® to discuss the specifics of your application.