Oil & Gas

Fluid Clarification has over 25 years of application experience in the Oil and Gas industry, including midstream gas processing, oil production and gas transmission.

Whether optimizing an existing plant or designing separations equipment for a new facility, our engineering staff, experienced Scientific and Analytical Support personnel, and broad installation base each play a part in ensuring that you get the right solution for your separations challenge.

Gas Processing

Your plant may experience foaming in the contactor or regenerator, or fouling of molesieve beds. Perhaps your rich/lean exchanger requires frequent cleaning. Fluid Clarification has solved these and other challenges with high-efficiency separations systems and our unmatched technical support.

Typical gas processing application areas are:

  • Plant inlets (removal of liquid and solid aerosols)
  • Amine
  • Glycol
  • Separation of liquids from liquids
  • Molesieve protection
  • Removal of desiccant dust

Gas Transmission

Typical gas transmission applications include:

  • Protection of client fuel gas systems
  • Compressor protection
  • Meters and pipelines
  • Compressor discharge
  • Turbine and compressor fuel gas

Oil Production

Your main priority may be reducing your lifting costs, or perhaps you need improved formation protection as injectivity pressures increase. Fluid Clarification has the technical resources to characterize your separations challenge and engineer a solution.

Produced, source, disposal and commingled water application areas that typically benefit from high-efficiency separation include:

  • Injection wells
  • Central batteries
  • Source wells
  • Oil removal from water