Serving Industry for Over 25 Years


Fluid Clarification’s broad range of industry-leading filtration technologies are used to separate solids and liquids from liquid and gas phase flows across myriad industries. Some typical industries we are involved in are profiled below. If you do not see your related industry, please contact our Filtration Experts® to discuss the specifics of your industry and application.

Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

Fluid Clarification has over 25 years of application experience in the Oil and Gas industry, including midstream gas processing, oil production and gas transmission.

Oil Sands Industry

Oil Sands

We deal with many Oil Sands & SAGD applications, including hydrotreater catalyst protection, formation protection from contaminants in boiler feedwater, and more.

Refining Industry


Our technologies and experience deal with many refinery applications, such as high hydrotreater pressure drop, quality challenges in diesel or jet fuel, and more.

Water Industry


Water use crosses many industries. The main objectives are to reduce or reuse water and to remove contaminants to protect downstream equipment, processes or formations.

Petrochemical Industry


Does your plant want to reduce operating costs for a particular application? Do you require improved separation in order to optimize plant performance? We can help.

Pulp & Paper Industry

Pulp & Paper

Fluid Clarification offers industry-leading separation solutions optimized for a variety of gas and liquid applications across the Pulp and Paper industry.

Pharmaceutical & Bioprocessing Industry


We offer a variety of high-quality separations solutions for pharmaceutical, biological or bioprocessing applications, including sterile air, water and final products, and more.

More Industries

More Industries

From thousands of installations, we have profiled a sample of typical industries we are involved in. Contact our Filtration Experts® to discuss the specifics of your application.